When are Electrical Restorations Required?

Commercial Electrician | August 25, 2022

If you own an older commercial building with a severely outdated electrical system or your property was damaged by a flood or other disaster, a complete electrical restoration may be required to keep your operation running smoothly and safely. Old and damaged electrical systems have a significantly increased risk of electrical fires and other dangerous hazards, making an electrical restoration well worth performing for some businesses. As a leading provider of complete commercial electrical services, the team at Expert Electric Commercial knows how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. That is why we have compiled some information to help you understand when electrical restorations are required and why they are worth performing.

Learn when to upgrade your building’s electrical system.

3 Reasons to Have an Electrical Restoration Performed

Electrical restorations are commonly completed for the following reasons:

1. Your Electrical System is Severely Outdated

If your commercial property is several decades old and is still using the same wiring and electrical panel from the day it was built, this could be a problem. Older buildings often feature outdated elements like ungrounded outlets, aluminum wiring, and other electrical components that make them more prone to electrical fires and other hazards. By performing an electrical restoration alongside a major renovation or other project, your building will be brought up to modern electrical codes and standards. This will ensure that it can safely handle power requirements for modern devices, tools, and appliances, keeping the facility safe while increasing energy efficiency.

2. Your Property Was Damaged by a Natural Disaster

If your property was recently damaged by a flood, fire, or other natural disaster, it is crucial to have your electrical systems inspected by a licensed electrician. Even if your building seems to be functioning normally, your electrical systems may have suffered damage that requires replacement parts or upgrades to minimize the risk of an electrical fire or complete power failure. A detailed inspection by a licensed electrician will identify any potential issues or hazards and help you determine if you need a partial or full restoration.

3. You Need to Have an Insurance Inspection Performed

Before providing a policy or quote for your business, insurance providers will often require a full electrical inspection to be performed. If this inspection uncovers outdated wiring, damage, or other hazardous elements, you will likely need to have an electrical restoration performed to correct these issues and receive insurance. If a restoration is required to bring your building up to code, be sure to contact a licensed electrician right away so they can assess your project and provide a solution as quickly as possible. Having a restoration performed for your property can also reduce your insurance premiums, helping you recover some of the cost while enjoying enhanced electrical safety and performance.

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