When to Upgrade Your Building’s Electrical System

Electrical Upgrades | August 11, 2022

Every commercial operation relies on their building’s electrical system to complete their daily tasks. Whether you are a retail store or a service centre, it is crucial to ensure that your electrical system is suitable for your needs. If your commercial property is more than 20 years old, your current electrical system may not provide enough power for modern devices and equipment. As a leading provider of complete commercial electrical services, the team at Expert Electric Commercial knows how detrimental an outdated electrical panel can be for all types of operations. That is why we have provided some information to help you recognize when to upgrade your building’s electrical system and ensure that you have the power you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Learn what to look for in a commercial electrician before choosing one for your project.

4 Signs That it is Time to Upgrade Your Building’s Electrical System

If you notice any of the following signs throughout your commercial building, it is likely time to upgrade your electrical system:

1. Your Electrical Panel is Hot to the Touch

If your electrical panel is warm or hot to the touch, you may need an urgent electrical upgrade. Excessive heat can be a sign of failing wires, loose connections, electrical fires, and other potential hazards. This excess heat can also damage your wires and cause their insulation to melt, further increasing the risk of power failure and electrical fires.

2. Workers Keep Tripping Circuit Breakers

One of the most prominent signs of an outdated commercial electrical system is frequently tripped circuit breakers. If you notice that your employees are constantly tripping your circuit breakers when using certain tools or powering on certain devices, it may be time to upgrade these breakers or replace your entire electrical panel.

3. Your Wiring is Old or Unprotected

Wiring for commercial buildings should be secure and protected to minimize the risk of power supply issues and electrical hazards. If you notice that any of your wiring has become frayed, melted, or is missing insulation, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Signs of damaged wiring include flickering lights, intermittent power supply issues, hot outlets, and warm light switches.

4. You do not Have Enough Outlets

While extension cords and power bars are useful for various operations, they should be used in moderation. If you notice that you are using too many extension cords to power office equipment, tools, and other devices, you likely do not have enough outlets for your current needs. To solve this issue, you will need to install additional outlets and have your electrical panel upgraded to accommodate them.

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