What is Included in an Electrical Insurance Inspection?

Insurance Inspections | May 26, 2022

If you are trying to obtain insurance for your commercial property, your provider may require an electrical inspection to be performed before providing coverage. During an electrical insurance inspection, a licensed electrician will complete various checks and tests to ensure that your electrical systems are safe and in good working order. As a team of journeyman commercial electrical contractors,  Expert Electric Commercial knows how important insurance inspections are for business owners and employees alike. That is why we have compiled some information to outline what is included in an electrical insurance inspection and demonstrate why they are worth performing.

What Do Electrical Insurance Inspections Include?

Electrical inspections for insurance assess every electrical element of your commercial property to determine if they are functional, safe, and up to code. At the end of your inspection, your electrician will go over a checklist and give your property an overall rating and recommendations for change if required. Some of the areas included in an electrical inspection include:

Qualifying of the Electrical System

The first part of an insurance inspection is to qualify the property’s electrical system. An electrician will look at the size of the building’s service connection and note the type of circuitry used, the kind of distribution panel, and more to ensure that everything is up to modern standards.

Assessing the Overall Condition of the Electrical System

Many items on the electrical insurance inspection checklist pertain to the overall condition of various electrical systems in a property. Some of these items include:

  1. Ensuring that grid connections are in proper condition and not in contact with tree branches or gutters.
  2. Checking for signs of corrosion and aging in wires and metal fixtures.
  3. Confirming that vital systems and components are located where they should be and have not been tampered with.

Checking for Fire Hazards

From ungrounded outlets and outdated wiring to damaged power cords, there are many elements that can result in electrical fires. As electrical fires are one of the biggest costs for insurance companies, much of the electrical insurance inspection will focus on discovering potential fire hazards, noting them, and ensuring that they are properly resolved.

Looking for Code Violations

Electrical systems must meet or exceed the standards outlined by modern electrical codes to ensure that they are safe. A significant part of every electrical insurance inspection is looking at when the commercial building was constructed and confirming if the system is up to modern codes and electrical regulations. If it is not, several upgrades will need to be made to bring it up to code before an insurance provider will provide coverage.

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