How to Optimize Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial building, you likely know how expensive energy costs can be per year. From light fixtures and equipment to air conditioning and other devices, there are many items that constantly consume power throughout the day. While energy costs are unavoidable for commercial buildings, the amount that you pay can be significantly reduced by utilizing certain devices and techniques. As a leading provider of commercial electrical services, the team at Expert Electric Commercial knows that there are many ways to reduce energy costs without compromising comfort or functionality. That is why we have compiled some information outlining how to optimize energy efficiency for commercial buildings.

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4 Methods to Optimize Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs

The following devices and techniques can be utilized to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for your commercial facility:

1. Smart Thermostats and Modern HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling typically account for the largest portion of a commercial building’s energy costs each year. This is especially true for commercial facilities located in areas with extremely hot or cold weather. Installing a smart thermostat system in a commercial facility is a great way to ensure that HVAC systems are only running when personnel are in the building, reducing energy costs without compromising employee comfort. If your HVAC systems are old or near the end of their usable life, it may also be worth replacing them with modern systems to further reduce energy costs and improve performance.

2. Better Insulation and Windows

Insulation and windows are frequently overlooked elements that have a significant impact on the temperature of your property. Old or cheap insulation and thin windows make it easier for external temperatures to influence the internal temperature of your facility. If you are still spending too much on heating and cooling after installing a smart thermostat and upgrading your HVAC systems, it may be worth installing better insulation and thicker windows.

3. Efficient Light Fixtures

Severely outdated fluorescent light fixtures can significantly increase energy costs throughout the year. While it may be a significant investment to replace your lighting systems with modern LED-based alternatives, they will pay for themselves over the course of a few years with energy cost savings. These systems are also brighter and do not produce heat, increasing safety and comfort for your facility.

4. Monitoring and Control

One of the best ways to reduce energy costs is to monitor what your largest expenses are each month and create strategies to reduce consumption. It is always worth reminding employees to turn unused devices off and motivating them to participate in energy-saving initiatives as poor energy habits will significantly increase energy costs.

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