Does Your Business Need a Backup Generator?

Commercial Electrician | July 26, 2022

Prolonged power outages can be devastating for all types of businesses regardless of their size, the services they provide, or the products they sell. Whether you sell clothing, repair computers, or operate an industrial facility, a prolonged power outage can result in severe financial loss due to downtime, lost/damaged products, or a safety incident. As a leading provider of complete commercial electrical services, the team at Expert Electric Commercial knows how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. That is why we have compiled some information to demonstrate why your business needs a backup generator and how they can minimize the effects of a power outage.

Learn what to look for in a commercial electrician before hiring one to install your generator.

3 Reasons to Install a Backup Generator for Your Business

Backup generators are a valuable addition to any business as they allow you to:

1. Keep Downtime to a Minimum

Downtime is highly detrimental for every type of business, especially if you are handling perishable goods or are on a tight production schedule. If your facility suddenly loses power, your processes would likely be halted until power was restored. During this outage, your operation will not be able to produce any goods or perform your services like normal, preventing you from generating revenue. By installing a backup generator, you can ensure that your core systems and vital technology remain operational throughout the outage, minimizing downtime and lost revenue.

2. Maintain a High Level of Safety

In addition to lost productivity and revenue, it is crucial to consider how the safety of your facility would be impacted during an outage. While safety risks will vary from business to business based on the facility and the equipment used, they must be addressed before an outage to ensure that there is a plan in place to minimize the risk of injury. Unfortunately, even if there is a plan in place, there is no guarantee that everyone will remain safe. With a backup generator in place, your lighting systems and other equipment will stay on during an outage, minimizing the risk of an accident or injury.

3. Reduce the Risk of Data and Product Loss

If your employees work on desktop computers, a sudden loss of power can compromise the documents or data they were working with. This can be devastating, especially if your employees were working with sensitive customer information. A prolonged outage can also be extremely detrimental for businesses that sell perishable goods, as they can spoil or become damaged, costing you thousands of dollars in revenue. Backup generators can ensure that your computers and refrigeration systems remain operational throughout an outage, keeping your data and products safe.

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